Diaspora Communities – U.S.A. – MICHIGAN

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Greeks in Michigan, No Average Argonauts, by Steve Frangos, published in The National Herald, May 13, 2006

PARISH PROFILE: Tiny Greek Orthodox Parish Exists on Michigan’s Canadian Border

PARISH PROFILE – Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Lansing, Michigan


Legends and Legacies (Memories of Greek Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan), by Pearl Kastran Ahnen, published in 1995 (includes 818 names)

Greeks in Michigan” by Stavros K. Frangos was published in 2004 by Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, Michigan (includes 41 names)


Hellenic Museum of Michigan


3,485 Greece Born – Michigan Marriage Records

3,263 Greece Born – Death Records from Michigan between 1921-1952

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