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Suggestions for Further Reading on the Topic of Intercountry Adoptions from Greece in the post-WWII and Cold War Period (1948-1960s) – June 2021, compiled by Gonda Van Steen – added June 28, 2021


Adoption: Searching for Lost Greek Identity – American Citizens Searching for Their Roots – published July 14, 2022 – – added July 14, 2022

The real Paedomazoma – New facts about the monstrous crime of the nation-state, published in – added July 12, 2022

The lost children of the Cold War seek justice – The truth behind mass adoptions in the US by Sunday Axiotis, published in Ethnos, June 2, 2022 – added July 12, 2022

DNA Q&A: How Are Adoptees Related to Their DNA Matches? by Blaine Bettinger, published by Family Tree Magazine – added January 17, 2022

In Support of Justice for Greek-Born Adoptees – by Linda Carol Trotter, published October 15, 2021, The National Herald – added December 10, 2021

Diaspora Minister Promises Action on Citizenship for Greek Adoptees – by Patricia Claus, published November 10, 2021, The Greek Reporter – added December 10, 2021

DNA Samples Collected Throughout Nation to Help Greek Adoptees – by Patricia Claus, published September 29, 2021, The Greek Reporter – added December 10, 2021

Cold War-Era Greek Adoptee Finds Her Family, Founds Mission to Help Others – by Patricia Claus, published March 11, 2021, The Greek Reporter – added December 10, 2021

Eftychia and Her Big Fat Greek Family Reunited after 59 Years – by Matina Demelis, published March 10, 2019, The National Herald – added December 10, 2021

An Accounting from one Adoptee by Mary Cardaras, published July 8, 2021, Intercountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV) – added July 18, 2021

Opinion: Bring Them Back! – by Mary Cardaras and Gonda Van Steen, published in the, June 16, 2021 – added June 28, 2021

Demanding What Belongs to Us: Our Greek Identity – written by Mary Cardaras, published in the, June 7, 2021 – added June 28, 2021

The Prinkipo Greek Orthodox Orphanage – – added June 28, 2021

Finding Your Birth Family with a DNA Test – by Diahan Southard, published on – added June 26, 2021

Greek Adoption Agency to Preserve Records of Thousands of Orphans – Greek Reporter 5 March 2021

EMBCA Presented Hellenic Orphans Taken Abroad 1821-1960s – The National Herald, 1 February 2021

The Incredible Stories of Thousands of Greek Orphans Taken Abroad – The Greek Reporter, 3 January 2021

A Quest for Closure: The Journey to Pergamos – The National Herald, 28 Nov 2020

Baby without a name grows into a man on a quest to find family – Neos Kosmos, 10 April 2019

Adopted Woman Finds Her Greek Family – The National Herald, 5 Jan 2019

From The Day After The Day After by Andrew Mossin (Memoir), published in Ergon: Greek American Arts and Letters, 2019

Tales of Stolen Babies And Lost Identities; A Greek Scandal Echoes in New York – New York Times Article 1996

“Removal of Children during the Greek Civil War and the attempt to reunite families – THE GREEK CIVIL WAR AND CHILD MIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA
by Joy Damousi”

Adoption 1950’s Greece – “Son Finds Father’s Birth Mother” – The National Herald, 4 March 2006

Dream Come True: Woman Finds Sister After 33 Years – The National Herald, 18 February 2006

Greek Orthodox orphanage, Europe’s largest wooden building, awaits salvation off Istanbul – Agence France-Presse, 28 May 2018

Black-market babies search Greek records for birthright – Houston Chronicle, Associated Press, 1 Sept 1996

Are We There Yet?’ The Greek Adoptees’ Road of Return – by Prof. Gonda Van Steen

Adoption Children in the US and Europe Looking for Their Roots – Interview by Justin Frangoulis-Argyris, Journalist and Writer, with Gonda Van Steen. Published in the Greek Huffington Post on October 3, 2018


Children wanted from Greece: Adoptions in America during the Cold War by Gonda Van Steen, published in Greek, November 2021 – added January 17, 2021

Literary Review: Towards A New Life by Konstantinos N. Ganias – review written by Eleni Sakellis, published in The National Herald – November 16, 2019

Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece: Kid pro quo? by Gonda Van Steen, published November 2019

Children of the Greek Civil War by Danforth & Van Boeschoten – 83 names listed in book

Abandoned Maria 43668 by Maria (Mary) Theodoropoulou, published 2006 Athens: Nikas Books, Elliniki Paideia. English translation 2019. Combines personal narrative with research.

“The Greek Civil War, Child Removal and Traumatic Pasts in Australia by Joy Damousi; Chapter 6 in ebook titled Legacies of Violence
Rendering the Unspeakable Past in Modern Australia, Dec. 2016, published by Berghahn Books”

Twentieth-Century Janissary: An Orphan’s Search for Freedom, Family, and Heritage by C. Dionysios Dionou, published 2011

The Girl from the Tower: A Journey of Lies by Joanna S. Giangardella, published 2nd Ed. 2017

Beyond the Third Door. Based on a True Story by Maria Heckinger, published 2019

Golden Strangers: An Adoption Memoir by Maria Kelmis, published 2012


Facebook – Roots Research Center – Κέντρο Ερευνών Ρίζες added January 17, 2022

Website – The Eftychia Projectadded December 10, 2021

Facebook – The Eftychia Projectadded December 10, 2021

Facebook – Greek Orphans Seeking Answers (GOSA)added August 9, 2021


Facebook – Greek Born Adopteesadded December 10, 2021

Greek Born Reunited Adoptees


Video – Greek Born Adoptee & Adoptee Advocate – Mary Cardaras – added July 12, 2022

The Eftychia Project YouTube Channeladded December 10, 2021

16 orphans marry at the same time in a ceremony in Athens, Greece – 1925

360 Degrees The Lost Children of Cold War Greece (with English subtitles)

updated December 10. 2021

Adoption Reckonings and Understanding Life Histories

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