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General, Sacraments, Holidays, Saints Day (Names Day)


All you need to know about Tavli, Greece’s national board game – published in the Greek City Times, July 16, 2021 – added August 9, 2021

Unique Collection of Recorded Greek Folk Music Digitized – published in Pappas Post on July 14, 2021 – added August 9, 2021

(Worry Beads) Komboloi : history of Greece’s famous pastime – Greek City Times, July 19, 2021 – added August 9, 2021

The Immigrant Liturgy: Greek Orthodox Worship and Architecture in America by Kostis Kourelis and Vasileios Marinis, published 2012, The Liturgical Press, pp. 155-175 – added August 9, 2021

Traditional Greek Costumes – An interview with Nikos Bariamis – by Alexandra Kiritsy and Gregory Kontos – added May 17, 2021

Traditional Greek Dances – An interview with Nikos Bariamis – by Alexandra Kiritsy and Gregory Kontos – added May 17, 2021

Kissing the Priest’s Hand – (also discusses kissing the hand of a family member) – published on Orthodox Christianity, June 15, 2015 – added May 17, 2021

Book – A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America by Marilyn Rouvelas, published 1993 by Attica Press

Greece Adds 16 Traditions to UNESCO Heritage List

The Ionian Islands Manners & Customs – 1822 – FREE ebook

The Byzantine Princess and the Fork, East-West Culture Clash

Believing in the Evil Eye is to Recognize the Hidden Harm of Praise

Book – Tales, Rituals, and Songs: Exploring the Unknown Popular Culture of a Greek Mountain Village – Tsamantas, Epirus, Northern Greece

Arcadian Village Preserves its Traditional Heritage by Going Digital – VLAHOKERASIA, Greece

Women in Greek Society; Girls at a Disadvantage

The Meaning of Candles in the Greek Orthodox Church



Greek Orthodox Christening Traditions –

Greek Baptism Traditions –

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism in the Greek Orthodox Church

Baptism and Christmation – Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia


Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Traditions, Symbols, and Meanings

Let’s Talk – Greek Wedding Traditions

Apotropaic Devices in Greek Wedding Rituals

Adjusting Marriage Tradition: Greeks to Greek-Americans


The Death Rituals of Rural Greece by Loring M. Danforth and Alexander Tsiaras, published Princeton University Press, revised edition Dec. 1982

Death – Orthodox Customs, Traditions and Practices



Video – Κάλαντα – Christmas songs from Greece

Christmas Traditions in Crete and Greece

Five Christmas Traditions Unique to Greece


About Greek Orthodox Easter: Everything You Need to Know by Philip Chrysopoulos, published in the Greek Reporter, April 8, 2021

Greek Easter Traditions and Customs Across Greece

Greek Easter Traditions – Greek Orthodox Easter Food and Customs


Why Greeks Celebrate Name Days: An Orthodox Tradition

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