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17,183 people born in Greece are in a new database on MyHeritage titled “FILAE Family Trees”..This collection is a compilation of lineage-linked trees submitted by Filae.com users. These trees are hosted on MyHeritage in a read-only mode to assist family historians in discovering the rich details and important clues that lineage-linked trees can provide in advancing genealogical research. This is an excellent source for those looking to find their french roots since Filae is one of the leading genealogy websites in France. Records typically include first and last names, dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths. Individuals in this collection are linked to parents, spouse(s), siblings, and children and each record links back to the same individual on Filae. Information on living people is not displayed to protect privacy. This collection is updated automatically to reflect changes made to the original trees on Filae by their respective submitters – added July 12, 2022

8 people born in Greece – “France, Calvados, Military Registration Cards” – MyHeritage.com – $ – added July 12, 2022

Paris, France, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1792-1902 – 1,779 born in Greece – Ancestry.com – $ – added January 22, 2022

France, Paris, Marriage Records – 32 born in Greece – FamilySearch.org – FREE – added August 21, 2021

France, Insee Social Security Death Index, 1970-2019 – 5,640 born in Greece – FamilySearch.org – FREE – added August 21, 2021

GenOm – Genealogy and Origin of Migrant Populations – The Center for Genealogy and History of Migrant Populations is a private archives center that is completely free and independent of any commercial, administrative or associative body – added July 17, 2021

Paris Archives – Complementary genealogical sourcesadded July 17, 2021

France, Death Records, 1970-2018 – about 4,700 born in Greece – Index at Ancestry.com with link to original French database


Citizens Abroad? The Greek Community of Marseilles and Political Events in Greece, 1820-1830 – by Mathieu Grenet; published InterCultural Studies, Vol. 7 (2007): 39-52 – added July 12, 2022

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of France – Wikipedia.org – added August 21, 2021

Greeks in France – Wikipedia.org – added August 21, 2021

Nicky Zographos & the Greek Syndicate: When Mysterious Greeks Ruled the Riviera by Steve Frangos, published in The National Herald, July 25, 2009

A History of the Greek Colony of Corsica by Nick Nicholas was published by the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Year 2005, Issue 1


French Documentary – “The Salt People – Greece in Camargue” (Greek Salt Workers in France) – watch Trailer of movie with English sub-titles

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