Diaspora Communities – U.S.A. – COLORADO

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Mile High City Greeks:  The Trials & Triumphs of the Early Greeks of Denver

The Rocky Mountain Hellenes:  The Early Greeks of Denver

Cemeteries of St. John Church in Pueblo, Colorado

Greek Men in a Coffee House in Denver: Five Life Histories 

The Greek Immigrant Who Changed the Course of American History and Labor Laws 

The Unassimilated Greeks of Denver

“Riot of Denver Greeks” article – Breckenridge Bulletin, Colorado – March 13, 1909

“The Turbulent Greeks” article – The Durango Wage Earner, Durango, Colorado – October 5, 1905  

 “Strikers Battle Militia All Day; 13 Reported Dead – Battle in Colorado Coal Zone Ends with Death of Leader of Greek Miners” article – Chicago Daily Tribune, April 21, 1914


FREE online documentary – LUDLOW, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War

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