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Understanding Translation vs. Transliteration– published Family Tree Magazine – added January 19, 2022

Greece’s disappearing whistled language – by Eliot Stein, published on BBC website, 1 August 2017 – added January 19, 2022

Staellinika – Greek Language and Culture App made for the Diaspora – added January 19, 2022

A Brief Introduction to the Pontic Greek Dialect – by Sam Topalidis, 2018 – added May 20, 2021

These are the Greek words used by the Turks – published in Ta Nea News Online – added May 20, 2021

The 200 Turkish words we use every day and we do not know [list]
Πηγή: – added May 20, 2021

Harvard Graduate of Greek Descent on Endangered Languages in Greece by Theodore Kalmoukos, published in The National Herald, December 5, 2015

The Village that Whistles – Video

Ancient Greek Dialect in Black Sea – Related to Days of Socrates and Plato

Archaic Greek in a Modern World

The Whistled Language of Antia on the Island of Euboea

“Aapi Means Agapi”, say Researchers Presenting Online Greek-Cypriot Dictionary


Reading Greek Old Handwriting Made Easy – includes samples of documents with translations – provided by

Old Greek Handwriting – Facebook group

Greek Handwriting Samples – posted by Dartmouth College is very interesting.  It shows the same phrase written 13 different ways (as if by 13 different people) – The same would apply in English.  We were all taught how to write the alphabet in grammar school, using a very structured formation of the letters.  If we sat down with 13 different people, 10 years later, what would their handwriting look like? 

Greek Alphabet Handwritten – video

Greek Handwriting – Handwritten Letters in Greece by Harry Foundalis

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