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Homelands and diasporas: Greeks, Jews and their migrations by Minna Rozen – added January 19, 2022

Greek Jewish archives stolen by Nazis returned after nearly 80 years – published in The Times of Israel – added January 19, 2022

My grandmother: The Greek Jews of WW2, by Benjamin Bensoua – added January 19, 2022

ΚΙΣ – Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

History of Greece’s Jewish Community Before the Holocaust Presented in D.C. by Tasos Kokkinidis, published in the Greek Reporter, 29 March 2019

Sephardic Judaism’s Hidden Children in Occupied Greece – by Alexios Nicholaos Menexiadis, published in The National Herald, February 4, 2006

A Few Historical Facts About Greek Jewry – published in The National Herald, February 6, 2006

Kehila Kedosha Janina – New York’s Greek Jewish Community – published in The National Herald, July 9, 2016

Documents: The Jews in Greece, 1941-1944 – Eyewitness Accounts by Alexandros Kitroeff – Published in the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vol, XII. No.3 ; Fall 1985

Dr. Peter Stavrianidis, in Manhattan, Lectures on the History of Greek Jews – by Constantine S. Sirigos; published in The National Herald, March 7, 2015

Anavryti, Peloponnese, Greece – Founded by Jews? – article titled THE BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE OF ANAVRYTI was published by the on March 20, 2006.

Remembering the Greeks Who Participated in the Auschwitz Revolt 70 Years Ago – published by, October 8, 2014

Miraculous Event – Zakynthos in 1943-44 – Only Jewish Community to Survive Unscathed – published by May 10, 2014 as “A Reflection of Life’s Defining Moments: A Train in Jerusalem”


Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica, 1912-1940, An Ethnic Economy in Transition – By Orly C. Meron, published in 2011 by Sussex Academic Press – (1,548 Jewish names and Jewish firms transcribed)

“A GREEK JEW FROM SALONICA REMEMBERS” by Ya’acov (Jack) Handeli, Introduction by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize Winner. Translated from Hebrew by Martin Kett. Originally published in Hebrew as “From the White Tower to the Gates of Auschwitz” by “Korot” Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1992. Following the title page of this book is a map titled “Two Thousand Years of Jewish Life In Europe”. The age, by 1939, of the Jewish communities of Europe — It shows Greece as having the oldest population in Europe – 2,239 years of Jewish communities existing in Greece.

Illusion of Safety: The Story of the Greek Jews during the Second World War by Michael Matsas, published in 1997 by Pella Publishing Company, Inc., New York, N.Y. – (187 names included)

“Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece” by Steven Bowman, University of Cincinnati. was published in 2006 by Vallentine Mitchell, London – Portland, Oregon – (876 names included)


Jewish Museum of Rhodes – cemetery, history, genealogy, food


Rhodes, Archives of the Jewish Community, 1939 (USHMM)added January 19, 2022

Greek born Sephardim deported from France during World War II

Names of those deported and killed by Nazi’s from Rhodes in 1944

Jewish Holocaust Victims of Thessaloniki (Salonika) – Greek language list of 13,000 names

Database of Greek-Jewish Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies

187 born in Greece – Munich, Vienna and Barcelona Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959 (Germany, Austria, Spain)

475 Born in Greece – Holocaust Survivor List from the Files of World Jewish Congress              

281 Born in Greece – Holocaust: Survivor names printed in Sharit Ha-Platah, 1946                           

708 Born in Greece – Holocaust: Auschwitz Forced Laborers

832 of Greek Nationality – Germany, Dacha Concentration Camp Records, 1945

185 Prisoners Born in Greece – “Austria, Mauthausen/Gusen Concentration Camp Death Record Books – 1938-1945”

1,750+ names – Greek born Sephardim deported from France during World War II

1944 Rhodes, Greece – 1,673 Names of those deported and killed by the Nazi’s


Documentary – Following Shira’s Journey: A Greek Jewish Odyssey (English Subtitles) – added January 19, 2022

The Last Greeks on Broome Street – a short documentary on Romaniote Jews – added January 19, 2022

TREZOROS, The Lost Jews of Kastoria, Greece

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