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Map of known massacres of native Greek subjects of the former Ottoman Empire (today Turkey) between 1912-1923. Only includes known or reported massacres. – added January 18, 2022

Facebook – Ottoman Empire religion and ethnicity mapadded January 17, 2022

Year 1716 – Crete (Candia) and surrounding islands, territorial divisions – from the Grosser Atlas, published by Johann Baptist Homann – added June 4, 2021

Year 1716 – Peloponesus Moreae Kingdoms in all their traditional and contemporary provinces – published by Johann Baptist Homann – added June 4, 2021

Year 1923 – Balkan States: Constantinople, Roumania, Bulgaria, Jugo-Slavia, Albania, Greece – Published by P. F. Collier & Son Company – added June 4, 2021

Year 1913 – Balkan States: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey – publisher Rand, McNally & Co. – added June 4, 2021

Year 1893 – World Atlas – Greece, publisher Rand, McNally & Co. – added June 4, 2021

Year 1898 – Greece, Albania, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria Map – publisher Heinrich Kiepert – added June 4, 2021

Year 1921 – Reconstructed Europe, Asia Minor, and Northern Africaadded June 4, 2021

Year 1925 – World Atlas – Greece, publisher Cummins Map Co. – added June 4, 2021

Year 1898 – World Atlas – Greece, publisher Heinrich Kiepert – added June 4, 2021

Year 1878 – The Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Greece, Black Sea Mapadded June 4, 2021

Pontus on Google Maps – An excellent study of Greek villages is available on Google maps which pinpoints Greek villages of Pontus –

Map of the Democratic Republic of Pontus (1918-1922) –

Pontus Republic (c. 1919) –

Map of Santas –

Map of Matsuka –

Map of Kars –

Map of Chaldia –

Map: Vilayet of Trebizond (Vital Cuinet 1890) –

Byzantine Empire, 1265 –

1794 Turkey in Europe : Containing Valakia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria and Albania with the Roum Ilï, Morea and Archipielago By Samuel Dunn, Mathematician

Resident Clergy (1926) – Unused Lands of Manitoba (Canada) – showing locations of Greek Clergy

Map showing the establishment of refugees in rural and urban areas of Greece, 1923-26 – Map appended to the League of Nations publication, “L’établissement des réfugiés en Grèce”, Geneva, 1926.

Map of Peloponnesus railway system, 1910 – Taken from Percy Martin, “Greece of the Twentieth Century”, London: Fisher Unwin (1913)

Athens Plan 1919 – Provided with the second edition of the 1911 Guide Joanne — Grece — although the front cover has changed from Guide Joanne to Guide Bleu. This second edition bears the date of 1911, but contains two new maps (of Greece and of Athens) clearly marked as May 1919. Plans of Athens during and after world war one, during the Asia Minor conflict, and after the exchange of populations, are almost unknown. This is therefore an important historical document.

Plan d’Athenes, Fayard 1878 – Published in Atlas du Grandes Villes du Monde, prepared under the direction of de la Brugere, and engraved by Remy Haussermann.

1892 Rand McNally map of Greece and the Archipelago

David Rumsey Map Collection – many maps of Greece and Turkey

Historical Maps of Europe – University of Texas at Austin, “Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection”; includes maps on Greece, Turkey, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Constantinople and more

American Geographical Society Library Digital Map Collection – includes maps of Eurasia 1877, Ottoman Empire 1899, Turkey 1915, Western Asia 1918

Maps of all Prefectures and Regions of Greece

Online Gazetteer for Greece, Cyprus, Turkey

1688 – Peloponnesus, Presently the Kingdom of Morea, Clearly Divided into All Its Provinces, Both Contemporary and Ancient, and to which is Added the Islands of Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo, and St. Maura

1884 – Hellas – Peloponneseus – historical maps at

1912 – The Ottoman Advance in Europe and Asia Minor – Cambridge Modern History Atlas

1918 Ethnographic Map of the Balkan Peninsula – World Digital Library

2011 Map Old vs New – Greece Overhauled Administrative Divisions, Regions and Municipalities

Has the Google Maps Street View car been to your ancestors village in Greece? Agios Ioannis, Sparta, Laconia featured

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