Oral Histories_Interviews

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Greeks in Washington – Oral History Project

FRANK S. KAMBEROS ORAL HISTORY CENTER – National Hellenic Museum, Chicago

Interviews with Anatolian Immigrants in Greece

Hellenic-Americal Oral History Project: Greek Americans – Queens College

Life Stories of Ellis Island Immigrants – 30 interviews with Greek immigrants available on Ancestry.com

1938-1939 WPA Interview – Evanthea Keriazes – A Greek Mother

1939 Interview – Mr. Kantaizes – How It Was – Greek Fur Local, New York

Greece’s first memory bank offers glimpses of the World War II period

Interview with Oldest Greek in 1939 Pensacola, Florida – Christ Tabaras

1939 Interview – Dennis Potinos – Restaurant Proprietor, Florida – Describes homeland Ithaca, Greece

1938 Interview – George Mehales – Part Owner Greek Restaurant – Spartanburg, South Carolina

1939 Interview – Rev. Elias Skipitares – Life Story

1939 Interview – William Felos Remembers Childhood in Greece

Interview (1939) – “Why So Many Greek Restaurants?”

Interview with Ceceilia Patrourtsa – Mother – Describes Life in America

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