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The term “Professional Genealogist” is being used by many in our group to describe someone that they have paid to do research for them. Let’s clarify. There is an International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists which tests and certifies that someone has expertise on the records that are available in the Region and follows “concepts like professionalism, honesty, integrity, and confidentiality”.This accreditation process does not exist in Greece but that does not mean we cannot set our own standards and expectations.I have attached a Code of Ethics which is a compilation from various professional genealogy accreditation organizations. This Code of Ethics will apply to anyone who offers research services for a fee to the Hellenic Genealogy Geek members. Violation of the Code of Ethics will lead to being banned from the Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook group.The whole process starts with you!I have attached a sample “Request for Quotation for Genealogy Research Services” form. The key to success begins with your description of what you want the researcher to do. Be as specific as possible.Attached you will also find an Example of Research Report. This is a sample of the type of report you should expect to receive from whoever you contract to do research for you. Note, the report includes a restatement of the original information given by the client, clear source information, translation of the material associated with each record, and a commentary on each record. Copies of all documents mentioned should be part of the report.Finally, the invoice you receive from the researcher should include a detailed breakdown of charges, i.e. hours spent on research, travel expenses (including receipts for all costs), and other costs incurred such as fees that were paid to acquire a document. Unless upfront costs will be incurred by researcher, I would not personally make any upfront payments.

Code of Ethics

Request for Quotation for Genealogy Research Services

Example of Research Report


5 Questions to Ask a Professional Genealogist Before Hiring by Rachel Fountain, published by


The following people have submitted information regarding their genealogy research services. Disclaimer: This is not to be considered an endorsement or guarantee of services by Hellenic Genealogy Geek.

Gregory Kontos –

Greek Ancestry, a professional and licensed Greek Genealogy company, was founded by Gregory Kontos. It provides educational information, leads record preservation initiatives and offers private research services. With a long experience in helping people with research throughout the country, Gregory is known in the field for his integrity and true interest. Committed to international high research standards, Greek Ancestry provides accurate research and in-depth analysis. You may contact Greek Ancestry through its website ( or book one of their free genealogy consultations, offered weekly.
Gregory Kontos
Greek Ancestry – Your Journey Starts Here

Antonis Chaldeos – Trace your Greek roots

Note: submitted by Antonis Chaldeos

Since the Greeks have immigrated to every part of the world, ‘Trace your Greek roots’ gives you the chance to explore your past through a variety of records located both in our collection and to repositories throughout Greece. Dr. Antonis Chaldeos, the founder of this service has been making genealogical researches for almost 2 decades. All these years, Dr. Chaldeos has met thousands of people of Greek origin throughout the world and his experience in the field of the Greek diaspora is recognized by the Greek authorities. Living in a foreign country always leaves a gap in the cultural identity of a person, especially if his ancestors left homeland a long time ago. Antonis Chaldeos and ‘Trace your Greek roots’ provides a well-documented research based on his expertise and experience.   

His onsite research in local municipalities leads to invaluable records which will help you expand your family tree, find more about your family and apply for the Greek citizenship.

Facebook group – Trace your Greek Roots

Email –

Copies of the following records are in the personal collection of Dr. Antonis Chaldeos


Lesvos (1671, 1850-1940, census, birth, military registries etc)

Patmos (1770-1950, births, marriages, deaths, censuses, tax registries etc))

Corfu (1640,1670,1700-1930,  census, birth, marriage etc)

Geraki, Molaoi, Oitylo (1870-1960, municipality records) 

Limni Evias (several censuses)

Ydra (census, 1828)

North Epirus, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace (a wide range of records)

Crete (dead, captures of 1821)

European countries

Ukraine: Odessa (1800-1920, births, marriages,deaths)

Romania: A wide range of records go back to the 1880s

Bulgaria: A wide range of records go back to the 1880s

Russia: A wide range of records go back to the 1880s

Asia Minor

Asia Minor (captured soldiers, dead people, enslaved civilians)


Egypt (a wide range of records 1870-1970)

Sudan (births, marriages, consulate records, 1850-1970)

Ethiopia,Eritrea,Djibouti (births, marriages, consulate records)

Mozambique (births, marriages, consulate records)

Tanzania (consulate records)

Burundi, Rwanda (consulate records)

Tunisia (births, marriages, deaths, consulate records)

South Africa (marriages, deaths, consulate records)

Morocco (births, marriages, deaths, consulate records)

Algeria (births, marriages, deaths, consulate records)

Libya (births, marriages, deaths, consulate records)

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